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What the Enigmail Wizard actually does

I just reinstalled Enigmail for Thunderbird and was wondering what settings are actually changed during by the setup wizard, in particular the preferences section, to "change a view default settings to make OpenPGP work better on you machine"

  1. Disable Loading IMAP parts on demand
    • sets mail.server.default.mime_parts_on_demand to false
      • From Thundebird KB:
        True (default): Fetch the minimum portion of the message needed.
        False: Fetch the entire message, including attachments regardless of whether they're needed.
  2. Disable flowed text (RFC 2646)
    • sets mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed to false
      • From Thundebird KB:
        True (default): Send plain-text messages with flowed attribute, allowing rewrap.
        False: Send plain-text messages with hard line breaks as entered.
  3. View message body as plain text
    • sets mailnews.display.html_as to 1
      • From Thundebird KB:
        0 (default): Display the HTML normally
        1: Convert it to text and then back again
        2: Display the HTML source
        3: Sanitize the HTML
    • sets mailnews.display.prefer_plaintext to true
      • From Thundebird KB:
        True: Display a message as plain text when there is both a HTML and a plain text version of a message body
        False (default): Display a message as HTML when there is both a HTML and a plain text version of a message body.
  4. Use 8-bit encoding for message sending
    • sets mail.strictly_mime to false
      • From Thundebird KB:
        True: Always MIME encode 8-bit headers
        False: Only MIME encodes them when necessary.
  5. do not compose HTML messages
    • sets mail.identity.id#.compose_html to true
      • compose new mail als plaintext mails
      • id# is your mail account

Most of the above settings are also available via the GUI.

You can download the source code of Enigmail [here]{https://www.enigmail.net/download/source.php} and have a look for your self. The interesting part is in enigmailSetupWizard.js.

The Mozilla Thunderbird knowledge-base entry can be fond [here]{http://kb.mozillazine.org/Mail_and_news_settings}.