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Changing Fullscreen Resoultion for Mincraft on Linux

If you have a low-end Laptop and want to run minecraft on a lower screen resolution you might want to use the following bash script to run minecraft

xrandr -s 800x600
java -jar /path/to/Minecraft.jar
xrandr -s 1366x768

This will:

  1. set your screen resolution to 800x600
  2. run minecraft
  3. as soon as you quit minecraft, it will reset to your desired screen resolution again
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Install Spotify client on Fedora

Spotify has made a Linux version of their desktop client here, but its only available as a .deb package. If you want to install the fedora client, there is a repackaged version on rpmfusion.

yum install lpf-spotify-client

This automatically downloads and builds the spotify client and it should also install the necessary dependencies python-devel and dbus-x11.

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